This is not a painting. This is music!

"As far as I can remember, I've never had the feeling of doing a painting on a canvas but of playing colors as if I was playing music. Live painting has always revealed itself to me as a set of emotions evolving along the timeline as clouds evolve at sunset. Sharing these emotions with musicians became obvious to me."


Mathias Duhamel is a French artist who expands the relationship between painting and music.  After his studies at the Beaux-Arts School in Amiens, then the High School of Arts Appliqués in Paris, he began to explore his musical skills as a musician and a songwriter, then as a drawing artist in architecture, press industry, communication industry as an art director and a copywriter, then extended his talent to painting and performances involving both live music and painting on stage.  His work has proven to be eclectic and always adventuring unexpected paths.

Painting considered as music
During his performances, Mathias Duhamel looks for emotions in the invisible form of his painting, particularly in the gesture that in his eyes, corresponds to facets of music.  His thoughts are emotions that can be resonated in a space beyond the visible frequencies of color and below the audible frequencies of the music. Painting is of interest beyond the physical painting in itself, expressively in movement and vibration.

Ephemeral works
On stage, Mathias Duhamel deliberately merges his painting performance with that of music.  He doesn't look to achieve a work whose form is to be art to be viewed and contemplated on a wall.  His performances have to be appreciated in the moment of their performance, like music, dance or theater. They are ephemeral, have a beginning, a sequence and an end.  For him, painting is an action that must be situated in a notion of temporality and as an evolution in this temporality. His work can be compared to that of a musician, but whose instrument is painting and not that of a conventional painter.

Composed music and improvised music
Through the live painting performances, Mathias Duhamel approaches music in two ways, composed music and improvised music. In composed music, classical or contemporary, the stages of paintings are recorded in a score for the painter and take place on stage in a millimetric way, marrying the music in a spirit of complimenting each other's performance. In improvised music, it's a spontaneous dialogue between musician(s) and painter. The artistic dialog always happens in an unexpected, unrestricted way, each artist intervenes according to his personality or his mood.

Mathias Duhamel has performed in France, Belgium, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, The USA and Russia.