"As far as I can remember, I never had the feeling of doing a painting on a canvas but of playing colors as if I was playing music. Live painting has always revealed itself to me as a set of emotions evolving along the timeline as clouds evolve at sunset. Sharing these emotions with musicians became obvious to me."

After his studies in Beaux-Arts school in Amiens, then High School of Arts Appliqués in Paris, Mathias Duhamel first revealed himself as a musician, a songwriter, then as a drawing artist in architecture, press industry, communication industry as an art director and a copywriter, then extending his talent to painting and performances involving both live music and painting on stage. His work proves to be rich, eclectic and always adventuring unexpected paths.


According to Mathias Duhamel, a live painting is a visual music that evolves and ends as the music would. Emotions emanate from the action of painting first, not from the final result on the canvas.