Collaborations with classical music orchestras

The encounter between painting and the music of great composers is always a moment of intense emotion. Mathias Duhamel delivers his own pictorial interpretations on stage in osmosis with soloists, quartets or symphony orchestras.

Classical music, contemporary and electronic music

Beethoven, Schubert, Ligeti, Bartok, Rachmaninov, Gershwin, Steve Reich, Jeff Mills, Johan De Meij, etc. Mathias Duhamel interprets many styles of music with his brushes and paints in collaboration with conductors and composers.

Painting evolves according to the emotions of music

Mathias Duhamel designs his works in the same temporal logic than the music. The painting evolves during the whole time of the concert. Each live painting is a succession of scenes which follow one another on the same canvas, like the scenery of an opera play.

Musicians, conductors, composers
Collaborations with:

Lille National Orchestra

Jeff Mills Composer

Alena Baeva Violinist

Christophe Mangou Conductor

Jeanne-Marie Conquer Violinist

Nicolas Kruger Conductor

Dimitri Murrath Violinist

Mara Dobresco Pianist

Julian Steckel Cellist

Hugues Reiner Conductor

Alexandre Diaconu Violinist

Maud Kauffmann Soprano

Alexandre Collard French Horn player

Dimitar Ivanov Doublebassist

Guénola Fatout Pianist

Mirabel Pitté Pianist


Ian Crowther Oboe
Gabriel Diaconu Pianist
Véronica Diaconu Pianist
Etienne Gara Violinist
Ursula Gostijanovic Pianist
Isabelle Le Boulanger Cellist
Denis Mocquot Cellist
Les Solistes Français String Quartet
Philippe Vadrot Conductor
Ronald Van Spaendonck Clarinetist
Jean-Pierre Wiart Bassoonist