Improvised paintings echoing to improvised music

These performances are set as spontaneous dialogs between painter and musicians. Each artist creates by taking inspiration from the sound or pictorial fragments of the other.

Collaborations with:

Siegfried Kessler Pianist

Christophe Mangou Soundpainter

Takeshi Asai Pianist

Thomas Leleu Tuba player

Sylvie Reynaert Percussionist

Stefan Orins Pianist

Jon Irabagon Saxophonist

Willem Tanke Pianist

Jeff Lederer Saxophonist

Youri Bessières Violinist

Sam Harmet Mandolinist

Sana Nagano Violinist


Arno Saxophonist
Manu Berdin Double Bassist
Matthieu Buchaniek Cellist
Youen Cadiou Double Bassist
John Cuny Pianist
Ivan Delbende Composer - Pianist
Pierre Durand Guitarist
Didier Guyot Flautist
Christophe Hache Contrebassiste
Thibaut Hien Saxophonist
Albin Lebossé French horn
Peter Orins Drummer
Sonia Rekis Accordionist
Howard Richards Pianist
Casilda Rodriguez Accordionist
Ken Sugita Violinist
Alexis Thérain Guitarist
Saxfoni Quartet Saxophonists